Are We There Yet?

“HE’S TOUCHING ME!” “SHE LOOKED AT ME FUNNY FIRST! ” The ear- piercing, mountain- moving shouts came from the back of our uber cool full sized passenger van.  This was my first road trip by myself with all four of my kids. I had just begun homeschooling all 4 of my kids and I had... Continue Reading →

But God

So I have been asking the Lord for my theme or my word for 2017. Every year for the past decade or more I carve out some time to be quiet and ask God what He has for me for the year. What good thing does He want to give me? Scripture is clear that... Continue Reading →

Mind The Gap

Cool dank air rushed by and my nose burned with a slightly musty odor as my traveling companions and I waited to catch our train. It was an experience I had been waiting years for. I was standing in the London underground hoping the next train we jumped on would take us to our desired... Continue Reading →

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